Top marbled beef exporter in Kazakhstan


Figures will tell more

15 000heads

Capacity of 2 feedlots 220 days



10 000tons per annum

Power of a modern meat processing plant


Wet aged


About Kazbeef beef marbling grading

The beef marbling is determined by the amount of fat streaks located in the muscle fibers. To determine the degree of marbling, the back muscle is examined in the region of the 12th and 13th ribs.

The contour of the muscle is outlined on the image and the program measures the degree of marbling by the frequency of fat streaks.



Quality control at all stages

Feed production

Crop production

Pedigree breeding unit

Improved genetics


Balanced diet for cattle

Meat processing

Slaughter and processing of cattle

Robert Rathbone

Kazbeef Brand Ambassador in Dubai

For British Chef Robert Rathbone, cooking is a real passion. Robert works as a Group Executive Chef with the Solutions Leisure Group restaurant chain. Among the chain's already popular local bars are Lock Stock and Barrel, popular for its STK parties (steakhouse) and Asia Asia (a pan-Asian restaurant), and the new, trendy Koyo (a Japanese restaurant).



Quality control at all stages

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Work at KazBeef

Before the meat hits the shelves of stores, it goes a long way. The boning plant trimmer is the most important link in this chain. The appearance, quality and cost of the final product depends on the skill and accuracy of a specialist. Aigul Shuyusheva has been working in the meat processing industry for 30 years, including 4 years at the meat processing plant KazBeef Processing LLP. She has not lost interest in her work over that time; professional growth and modern technologies in production are still important for Aigul.
 As Aigul herself noted, “We create amazing products. When you mention in a conversation with someone that you work at Kazbeef, in response you will always be told some story about how our products are loved. I am certainly proud to be able to say that I belong to the circle of people working at this company.”

Aigul Kazbekovna Shuyusheva

49 years old, boning plant trimmer, with atotal work experience of 30 years, including work at KazBif Processing LLP since March 27, 2017 (4 years)

Work at KazBeef

Artem Yandiyev hails from the village of Akylbay, Akmola region.

Now he lives in Shchuchinsk, home of the meat processing plant where he has been working for almost a year. The work of a deboner is one of the main specialties at a meat processing plant. Genuine love of craft, from strong, responsible professionals can be found here.

As Artem himself says: “The profession of a deboner is a profession for real men. Here you need strength, dexterity, and experience. The production of meat products begins from us. The quality of the outgoing products depends on the quality of our processing.

Kazbeef creates jobs for our city, and favorable working conditions allow us to raise productivity and professionalism. I’m glad to be part of the Kazbeef team.”  

Artem Olegovich Yandiev

At 20 years old, this boning plant employee began his work experience with Kaz Beef Processing LLP in November 01, 2020 (10 months).

Work at KazBeef

Yerkin Oralbayuly has been working in the company for 7 years. The story of his professional success started way back in 2014. According to Yerkin Oralbayuly, he still remembers the very day when he first came to the company.
 “To be honest, I didn’t hesitate long and agreed immediately, because I have always had a goal to learn new things and move forward. At first it was hard being on a new team with new responsibilities. I was assigned tasks that needed to be completed with high quality and on time, but I didn’t give up and understood that the company was ambitious and appreciated me as an employee. I am proud to work for Kazbeef because the core values of the company, its direction of movement, and the vision of the future of agricultural culture that it creates are very close to what I feel myself. I guess anyone in our company would say the same thing. We are birds of a feather, and when I think that the company I work for has the same values as me, my heart fills with pride.”

Yerkin Oralbayuly Seyfolla

42 years old, foreman of the slaughtering floor, with a total work experience of 23 years, including 7 years at KazBeef Processing LLP